Merax 360 Degree Swivel Folded Video Game Chair


Comfy Cushion – Chances are you’ll be spending quite a bit of time sitting in your lounge sofa, so you want to make sure your butt is making itself at home on a comfortable surface. Choosing a sofa chair with a cushioned seat can help you avoid the dreaded “dumb-butt syndrome.” Just don’t blame us if your chair is so comfy you have trouble getting up.

Space Savers – If you don’t want your chair taking up floor space when it’s not in use, opt for a chair that folds up for storage. This makes it easy to keep your chair out of the way when you’re not in gaming mode.


When it comes to entertainment, there are few video game accessories that greatly improve the gaming experience more so than a dedicated gaming chair. When it comes to the best gaming chairs, they have the power to make any video game instantly more immersive and also double up as comfy armchairs for watching TV and relaxing.

These types of chair are the ideal choice for those more space conscious gamers. Compact when unveiled in all its glory, these gaming chairs further increase their practicality when folded away. Gamers are free to enjoy the advantages a spruced up gaming chair can bring, without having to commit to dedicating space to a new piece of furniture.